Linde has experience both build and operate Nitrous Oxide Plants and additional equipment worldwide. Thanks for the information, which is available form operation from many plant site from different continents and because of our technological engineering and daily work processes provided opportunities – our experts can be involved all aspects of the technology form the design, manufacturing, commissioning and the operation.

Control system upgrade

Linde is upgrading the control system of existing plants, for which we offer various solutions.

Existing plants can be equipped with pressure and temperature sensors, the signals of which can be collected in user interfaces for high-level process supervisory management, storage and process. With this knowledge base, we get a comprehensive view of operations, increase efficiency, and save time and money.

If the condition of a plant is adequate, it can be fully automated. It is possible to replace the entire control technology. Our advanced system is controlled by a PLC with SIL2 certification, which is equipped with a graphical user interface to meet today’s expectations.

With remote access, we can provide a wide range of options from the remote availability of production data to support the work of the operation without disrupting it.

Technical support / Technical survey

Our experienced team can take a full survey on your existing plant and give a complete, detailed report about the actual condition and for the necessary replacement and repair. Also, we can provide solutions for the possible upgrade of the plant with high-end experienced technology.


We provide high quality parts for the plants operation and maintenance and if required the plant main equipment replacement also possible. We guarantee the equipment 100% compatibility with the existing plant and the parts are equal or appropriate replacement with the existing one.

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