N2O production related additional equipment and upgrades

To produce Nitrous Oxide some additional equipment necessary to provide the required utilities (Chilled water, LAN storage, SAN feeding).

Also, for the final product N2O a Liquefaction, Refrigeration, Storage unit needed considering that if the storage is designed for Low- or High-Pressure.

During the production and after we have the stored final product a continuous quality check necessary with an appropriate analyzer unit. This final verified product is ready for filling into cylinders, ISO containers or another suitable unit.

Furthermore, the environment protection is a great importance topic. For this the emitted waste handling and treatment and the emission reducing is mandatory.

Low-Pressure Liquefier & Refrigerator
with Storage tank

Linde Hungary Nitrous Oxide team has more than 15 years of experience to provide the best solution for the liquefaction of the produced N2O gas.

The special design Plate & Shell heat exchanger (N2O liquefier) is installed on the top of the storage tank. The cooling agent is provided by a refrigerator unit. With this system the N2O gas can be stored in liquid phase in a Low-Pressure (max 20 barg) storage tank.

LP N2O Liquefier

The “dry system” liquefier with capacity of the plant nominal capacity must be placed above the storage tank. The supporting structure will be erected on site.


The Refrigerator is mounted on a skid frame. The cooling agent is R404a. Delivered with electrical control panel.

LP N2O Storage

Low-Pressure Stainless-steel, insulated tanks and it’s additional systems. Maximum 22 barg with 10…30 tons capacity.

Liquefier & Refrigerator unit

N2O Storage units

Vent Recovery System

To improve the production system’s cost efficiency and sustainability, now Linde introduces a Vent Recovery System that can recycle 90% of the vented N2O. This system is optimized for the standard low-pressure liquefaction system and includes a specially designed Coldbox and an optional collection tank if it is installed on ground level.

The system contains heat exchangers in a perlite filled box (Coldbox). It is designed as an autonomous unit it can be integrated with existing production plants.

High-Pressure Liquefier with Storage tank

The HP Liquefier Unit (min. 45 barg) include a specially designed Heat Exchanger with the required equipment, normally it is part of the N2O Production Unit after the Dryer and it is cooled by chilled water. The product is stored in high pressure batch tanks for cylinder filling or transfilling to low-pressure storage tank.

HP N2O Liquefier

The HP Liquefier Unit is a specially designed Heat Exchanger, normally it is part of the N2O plant after the Dryer with capacity of the plant nominal capacity.

Water Chiller

The Water chiller unit is designed for the plant Chilled water requirements. It is connected directly to plant water distribution system chilled water.

HP N2O Batch tanks

High Pressure Storage Unit contains two pieces of HP, painted, carbon-steel spherical vessels. Cooled by chilled water. Maximum 80 barg and the level measured by weight-scales.

Liquefier & Refrigerator unit

Water chiller

N2O Storage units

Solid Ammonium Nitrate feeding system

For Nitrous Oxide production plants, the most commonly available raw material is the Solid Ammonium Nitrate (SAN), which usually arrives in small bags on palettes and loaded into the N2O Production Unit manually by hand/ Feeding Cart. Now Linde introduces the SAN Feeding Unit.

Liquide Ammonium Nitrate Storage & Feeding

Depending on your raw material sourcing, the N2O production unit can be fed with Liquid Ammonium Nitrate. The supply of ammonium nitrate may present a safety issue because its storage and handling may require suitable conditions. It is recommended to use LAN for higher plant capacity (100…300 kg/h) because to feed 200…600 kg AN per hour is hard physical work. Linde introduces a modular, standardized solution for Liquid Ammonium Nitrate (LAN) storage and feeding.

Analyzer for N2O

Linde introduce Analysis system for Medical and Industrial (UHP) quality Nitrous Oxide products. The units includes different set of Analyzers pre-mounted into a cabinet with the required valves, instruments with till the sampling/calibration/vent connection points for inlet pipelines. Furthermore, control system with the required software are also provided.

Measured impurities N2, O2+Ar, CO, CO2, H2O, NO+NO2 and the product N2O%.

Water Chiller unit

The Nitrous Oxide Production Unit, High-pressure Liquefier and Batch Tank requires standard volume of chilled water. Linde introduce the Water Chiller Unit, which can provide the required volume for the mentioned units. The unit includes a water chiller and the required pumps.

Filling System for Medical & UHP

The final product (Medical/Industrial) product can be filled into multiple type of vessels, like e.g.  cylinders, bundles, ton tanks, ISO container or tanker depends on the user requirement. Hereby Linde introduce the available Filling Systems for (Medical/Industrial) Cylinder Filling Unit which can also fill Bundle and TON Tank and Trailer Filling Unit can fill different type of tankers and ISO containers.